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Christian Pessing

Christian strengthens your skills for Guerrilla presentations, cold calls and face to face selling


In the startup boom of the of the early nineties he started to assist employees and managers throughout the launch and growth phase. Since 2001 he has supported long-established companies to reorganise dynamic sale, presentation and leadership processes. In both markets he teaches his philosophy “coaching instead of bossing”, “make an impact” and “respect time”.

Christian is working according to the Motto: „Realise cool projects with cool people“

He draws creative ideas from his work as an artist, clients have described him as notably creative with a fine eye for detail.

He has worked for established companies like Audi, CBRE International and Würth. He also gained experience working for start-ups like MeinFernbus and Zalando as well as for institutions of higher education like BA Berlin and FHTW Berlin.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Social pedagogue for youth work
  • Craftsman (carpenter)
  • Starseed programmer (creative techniques) , PMA Berlin
  • Master Practitioner of NLP, Chris Mulzer Berlin, Richard Bandler USA (6 years further training)
  • NLP Headcomander Paul McKenna London (Trainers Trainer for certified NLP Trainer)
  • Licenced Trainer of NLP/First Institute of NLP (2 years further training)
  • Persuasion Engineering (Sales Training), Richard Bandler/ John LaValle USA
  • Design Human Engineering, Richard Bandler/ John LaValle USA
  • High Performance Coach/ Michael Breen, MBNLP London (3 years further training)
  • Business Development Coaching Ed Percival/Shirlaws London (2 years further training)
  • Sales Story, (work with sale metaphors) Stever Robbins Inc., USA
  • Learn to Lead (leadership coaching), Dave Anderson Corporation, USA
  • Color Breathing, Breathing and relaxation techniques, Alison Bourne, England
  • Clutter Clearing, Karen Kingston, Munich

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