Food-Body-Brain-Connection - STARTUP WORKSHOPS
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What is the workshop about?

We will look at your individual daily routine. With our help, you will find out how you can get more energy for important tasks. Based on the current insights of nutrition science, you will learn a lot about good food that will feed you with energy. You will learn how to relax with simple exercises, to revitalize yourself and to be better prepared for the tasks that lie ahead.

A lot of the suggestions are now a part of my daily routine.
  • You will increase your energy level
  • You can balance tension and relaxation
  • You will tackle tasks with more energy and focus
  • You learn how to reduce and avoid stress

What is the target group?

  • Founders
  • Managers
  • Professionals

This workshops helps every independently working employee, right from the early founding days up until the daily business as usual.

What is the content?

Depending on your needs, we set the focus accordingly. Possible content could be:

  • My biorhythm: When and how to approach difficult tasks?
  • Body strength: How do I prepare for the day?
  • Body posture: What effect does my posture have on me?
  • Relaxation: How can I relax and find my inner peace?
  • Food for your brain: What source of power can I ‚tap‘ to get extra power during the day?
  • Food: How can I combine healthy meals and pleasure?
  • Fitness: How can I prepare myself for the next flu epidemic?

All parts of the workshop are very practical and hands-on. Following a short theoretical introduction, we will immediately get into the topics in small groups and teams. The focus depends on your own preferences. This will ensure you can easily apply all the knowledge in your daily routine and work environment.


Just write us or call – we will call you back!

Andre Ottlik
+49 (0) 30 983 20 336
[email protected]