HR Foundations for Founders - STARTUP WORKSHOPS
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HR Foundations for Founders

What is the workshop about?

This HR workshop is especially designed to help you become a HR Pro in no time. It will be the foundation of a successful recruitment process for your startup on a longterm basis. To build a successful company means to find, hire and keep the right people and to create a work atmosphere in which everyone can live to his full potential. We also help you navigate the legal aspects of human relations.

With a mixture of experience and creativity, Anica has created a HR department for us, including processes and structures that still exist today. She also shaped the way the management thinks about HR in general.
  • In six hours, you will get an oversight about the topics that are relevant to build your very own HR department
  • You will gain the skills and tools to make good HR decisions that will save you time and money.
  • You will get practice-oriented content, that you can apply immediately, that is based on 5 years of successfully established HR departments in successful startups

Who is the target group?

  • Founders
  • Managers
  • Freelancers

This workshop will give you the knowledge to run your company with the right structure and organization in every phase of your business.

What is the content of the workshop?

Depending on your needs. Possible topics could be:

  • Hiring: When do I fill which position?
  • Talent Hunt: Where do I find the right candidates?
  • Job ad: How can I write an exceptional job ad?
  • Job interview: How do I interview an applicant efficiently and with a goal-oriented focus?
  • Avoid mistakes: How can I avoid „bad hiring“?
  • Avoiding traps: What are the typical pitfalls that can be avoided?
  • Employment law: What do I have to take care of on an administrative and legal basis?
  • Company culture: How can I lay the foundation of a strong company culture?


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