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HR Foundations for HR Juniors

What is the workshop about?

This HR workshop is especially designed to help you become a HR Pro in no time. It will be the foundation of a successful recruitment process for your startup on a longterm basis. To build a successful company means to find, hire and keep the right people and to create a work atmosphere in which everyone can live to his full potential. We also help you navigate the legal aspects of human relations.

With a mixture of experience and creativity, Anica has created a HR department for us, including processes and structures that still exist today. She also shaped the way the management thinks about HR in general.

In eight hours you will get an overview of the topics that are relevant to built your very own HR department

  • You will get a feeling for all the relevant HR topics that are important for your startup
  • You will learn the skills to create and establish an HR department, with all relevant elements and to apply them even under the common time pressure
  • You will get practice-oriented content that you can apply immediately, based on 5 years of successfully established HR departments in many startups
  • Extra time for discussing topics  and problems from your own experience and solutions to apply quickly

Who is the target group?

  • HR juniors that are working in this position in a startup for the first time
  • Other HR staff that want to gain new input into and improve their current working structures.

What is the content of the workshop?

Depends on your needs. Possible topics could be:

  • Establishment of the HR Department: What are the first steps to structure and build your HR department?
  • Positioning: How do I present my HR department to management?
  • Integration: How can I integrate the department as a natural part of the company structure, and be therefore recognized as a necessary part?
  • Job ad: How do I write a job ad that transmits our company culture?
  • Job interview: How do I interview an applicant efficiently and goal oriented? Which department or position needs to sit in on the interview?
  • Avoid mistakes: How can I avoid and handle ‚bad hiring‘?
  • Employment law: What do I have to take care of on an administrative and legal basis?
  • Company culture: How can I lay the foundation of a strong company culture and leadership culture?
  • Internal communication: How can I lay the foundation of functioning corporate communication?


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