Startup Workshops was founded in August 2013 by Andre Ottlik for three reasons:


  • Startups need clever leaders and thus straightforward training
  • Young talented trainers need young talented clients
  • There must be a better way to get courses funded without the difficult applying process

We like to work with people and are eager to create values together – Our focus lies on the** people and fun at work.

We are young, dynamic and successful. We can laugh about ourselves and want to find out what lies outside of our comfort zone.

Our vision is to equip startups with the tools and techniques that are needed**, so they can grow and focus on their core strengths. We transfer skills and knowledge in a way that it is easy to understand and sticks** and can therefore be used effectively.


Do you want to become a STARTUP WORKSHOP trainer? Do you want to assist us in our endeavor? Do you want to be our intern? Just get in contact with us, there is so much to do.


+49 (0) 30 983 20 336
[email protected]