Better Remote Work (Online Workshop)

What is the workshop about?

In view of the current situation, we would like to support you in our Better Remote Work online workshop so that you can quickly and effectively adapt your working methods and processes to the new circumstances.

The idea is to review the most important points on the topic in a short session and to work out a solution that you can easily implement right away.

You will develop a communication culture that makes your remote meetings and collaboration more sustainable and productive.


What is important when teams work together remotely over a longer period of time? Which tool is used for which communication? By when should we respond to what? How do we keep our progress and collaboration transparent?

How do leaders set the right goals, how do they learn to delegate responsibility to their colleagues and build trust, how do teams continue to trust each other even when they are not together?

How do I organise myself optimally in the home office? How do I structure my day? How do I stay productive despite difficult circumstances?


In our remote workshop we will clarify all these questions with you.

Together we will find suitable and easily implementable solutions for your present challenges.

We had a workshop with Andre and are absolutely thrilled! In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere he helped us with self-reflection and showed us techniques to facilitate communication within the team.
  • You adapt your processes to the current situation and optimize your working methods
  • You work out an appropriate remote setting and remain agil and productive
  • You optimize your online meetings and make progress visible
  • You get an efficient way of working for your home office
  • You learn how to continue to work together effectively and sustainably
  • You understand each other better and make better use of your common potential and become more productive
  • You come to clear agreements and prevent duplication of work
  • You prevent disputes and promote harmonic team spirit
  • You learn to motivate each other better

Who is the target group?

  • Founders
  • Executives/Managers/Teamleads
  • Teams

This workshop will help you both with the start of your business and in the ongoing operation.

What is the content of the workshop?

Depending on what you need. We analyse your needs with you and adapt our content to them. Possible contents can be:


Part 1) Remote Work for Leaders


  • Processes: To what extent should I adapt management processes for remote work?
  • Rapport: How do we maintain trust and an emotional relationship with colleagues who work remotely?
  • Outcomes: How can we set and track goals well?
  • Meeting procedures: What should we pay special attention to in remote meetings to keep everyone on board?
  • Media: Which medium should I use for which message?
  • Leadership style: Which leadership style should I choose for remote colleagues?
  • Culture Map: What do I have to pay attention to in intercultural teams and how differently do the different employees work?



Part 2) Remote Work in Teams


  • Communication tools: Which communication tool (chat, email or telephone/video) do we use in which way for what?
  • Project tools: How do we use our project tools (Jira, Trello, Drive & Co.) correctly?
  • Rules: What kind of remote work rules do we commit ourselves to as a team? What is our Team Agreement?
  • Meetings: Which meetings do we use for what and how are they moderated and documented?
  • Self-organisation: How do I structure my day? How do I balance family and job? How do I stay focused and productive?


All workshop parts are strongly practice-oriented. A short theoretical introduction to the respective topic is followed by individual and group exercises. In this way, you are guaranteed that you can apply what you have learned directly to your company.


Just write us or call – we will call you back!

Andre Ottlik

Andre Ottlik


[email protected]


Thoren Meier
Thoren Meier
08:31 29 Apr 20
We have been a customer of start-up workshops for years and... have our colleagues trained in various areas such as management, team building, individual coaching, etc. We have been very satisfied since the beginning of our cooperation and thank you for the professional support.We are pleased that the collaboration in remote mode is also possible in the usual quality. Thanks betsen. T. Meiermehr
Marcel Barten
Marcel Barten
19:18 14 Mar 20
I had a great workshop with Andre last year. Thank you very... much!! I have and I will benefit from it for many more months.mehr
Adriano Bezerra-Delaunay
Adriano Bezerra-Delaunay
09:29 11 Mar 20
Sehr tolle und emphatische Trainer! Konnten uns in einer... kritischen Phase unseres Ventures echt helfen. Danke!mehr
Valentin Seehausen
Valentin Seehausen
13:05 09 Mar 20
The self-management workshops were really great support. My... self-organization and time-management skills improved immensely.And the trainer and the workshop design were very cool, too. Fresh, hands-on, up2date and fun. Thanks.mehr
André Drochner
André Drochner
08:39 09 Mar 20
Very seasoned and creative team. Had a great training and... could apply my learnings right away. Keep up the good work.mehr
Dennis Niederrainer
Dennis Niederrainer
10:57 08 Mar 20
Mascha Andexer
Mascha Andexer
10:08 08 Mar 20
We had a very good experience with the team from Startup... Workshops. Great leadership coachings and sales training so far. Looking forward for more this year. Thank you!mehr
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