Accelerator Support (also remote)

Strategic and operative support

We support you in your project – be it an accelerator or incubator program.

Many companies today want to keep up with the times and give teams the task of getting something going with startups. The goals are usually to digitize further and remain sexy for new talent – good intentions in themselves! Unfortunately, however, they start off with a lot of hustle and bustle and end up giving up because the corporate strategy didn’t work out.

The problem is often the same: People try to set up agile systems with old approaches (sometimes with waterfall projects planned as perfectly as possible). Often without taking the entrepreneurial personality into account.

The trainer delivered the content competently and in a very pleasant and cheerful manner. I am thrilled how much more I was able to take away than I expected. Thank you!

So that you don’t make the same mistakes as so many other companies before you, we support you in building a workable program and, just like the startups, in getting better year after year.

We support you in the planning, the strategy and the communication of your project as well as in the operative part – be it challenging the business models or the entrepreneurial personalities.

What are the contents?

We focus especially on early stage phases.


We analyze your needs with you and adapt our content accordingly. Possible contents can be:

  • Conception: How should I design my program and what should I pay attention to?
  • Sequence: In which order should I give which input?
  • Project selection: Which team has which bottlenecks and how strong is the team in implementation?
  • Coaching for teams: How do we get “red flags” clear as early as possible and how do we keep the drive going?
  • Workshops for Teams:
    • Entrepreneurship: How do we awaken the entrepreneurial spirit and promote “healthy megalomania”?
    • Project Management and Goals: What tools, meetings, methods and rules are important at the beginning?
    • Testing business models: What channels should I use to try out my models?
    • Pitches: How do I build pitch presentations and what interests investors?
    • Investor search: How do I find the right ones and make contact?
    • First customer acquisition: How do I find the first customers and how do I approach them?
    • Leadership Communication: How do I learn to lead my team?
    • Team Communications: What kind of communication rules help us to work together (remotely)?
    • Self-Management: How do I keep focus, prioritize correctly and maintain a high energy level?


All our consulting, coaching and workshops are strongly practice-oriented.

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Andre Ottlik


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