Effective Employee Appraisals (also remote)

What is the workshop about?

It happens again at regular intervals: the employee appraisal.

Whether feedback or development talk or a salary negotiation: Effective conversation skills are important and determine the success of your conversation.

In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare for the conversation quickly and efficiently and how to use the right tools and guidelines to guide you through the conversation. Ultimately ending with with a win-win experience for you and your staff.

Building on simple and effective methods you will be more confident when you give feedback, keeping the conversation harmonious and productive at the same time. Together we will find out how to dovetail the corporate goals with the employee and your own goals. And as an inspiring leader, you will optimally support your team.

A really great workshop. Everything important about the subject. Illustrated clearly and with interactive exercises. Thanks!
  • You learn how to lead a conversation safely and effectively
  • You learn how to prepare yourself optimally
  • You will learn how to reach your (conversation) goals better with simple methods
  • You will find out how to make difficult conversations harmonious and productive
  • You become more confident and give better feedback
  • Your conversations will become easier and more efficient and you will have more fun

Who is the target group?

  • Executives/Managers/Team Leads
  • HR Managers
  • Founders

This workshop will help your employees in the early stages of the company bus also in their daily work routine.

What is the content of the workshop?

Depending on your needs, we will be working on the following topics:

  • Preparation: How do I prepare myself optimally for a conversation? Why is it important to take enough time?
  • Conversation structure: How do I best set up a conversation?
  • Rapport, sensory acuity: How can I sharpen my senses in order to “pick up” my counterpart better and to make the conversation as productive and harmonious as possible?
  • Basics of effective communication: How can I communicate more consciously in order to achieve my goals?
  • Feedback methods: How do I give my counterpart adequate feedback and how do I accept it?
  • Five-finger-pointer question model: How do I specifically ask the right, useful questions?
  • Profiling and culture map: How do I adapt to the different characters and backgrounds of my team?
  • State-Control: What is my right conversation mood and how do I get it?
  • Change of mind and flexibility methods: How can I be aware of my own state of mind and take control over it during a convertsation?

All workshops are hands-on. After a short theoretical introduction, we will start with practical work in groups or individually. This way, we make sure you can immediately put all your gained knowledge into practice.


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