(Remote-) Tele-Sales

What is the workshop about?

No matter if you pick up the phone, get a call or just do key account management. You are selling your company and your product time and time again. With this workshop we show you the best tips and tricks for sales over the phone.

I dearly recommend Andre as a coach. It was a great experience to work with him at eye level. We reached professional outcomes quickly and easily.
  • You make more contacts and get more customers, which leads to more profit
  • You know how to build a stable and trustful business relationship right from the beginning
  • You sell your product and company in a more authentic, confident and flexible way
  • You motivate yourself without effort by getting rid of sales habits that hinder you so that you can start having fun while selling your products
  • You manage yourself and the customers better
  • You don’t loose your temper and time with ‘hard customers’

Who is the target group?

  • Founders
  • Freelancer
  • Managers
  • Sales staff
  • Customer service call center
  • Administrative office

This workshops will help your sales staff in the early stages of the company bus also in their daily work routine

What is the content of the workshop?

It depends on what you need. We develop a personal content that fits your situation. The workshop can contain the following topics:

  • Call pitch: How do I approach my customers? How do I guide customers through a service call?
  • Call preparation: How do I prepare for a call and how do I record it later?
  • Basic sales skills: What do my customers need and want? What is my USP? Why should they buy from me?
  • Combat objection and excuses: How can I avert excuses? How can I avoid objections?
  • First contact: How do I get to the person I want to speak with?
  • Goal of acquisition: What do I want to achieve? Who is my target group?
  • Basics of effective communication: How can I communicate so that I’ll get what I want?
  • Inspire on the phone: How can I be more charismatic?
  • Tonality and intonation: What effect does my voice have on people and how can I improve that effect?
  • Exercise: Exercise in an experimental surrounding

All workshops are hands-on. After a short theoretical introduction, we will start with practical work in groups or individually. This way, we make sure you can immediately put all your gained knowledge into practice.


Just write us or call – we will call you back!

Andre Ottlik

Andre Ottlik


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Thoren Meier
Thoren Meier
08:31 29 Apr 20
Seit Jahren sind wir Kunde bei Start-Up Workshops und... lassen unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen in diversen Bereichen wie Management, Teambuilding, Einzelcoaching, etc. schulen. Wir sind seit Beginn unserer Zusammenarbeit sehr zufrieden und bedanken uns für die professionelle Unterstützung. Wir freuen uns, dass die Zusammenarbeit im Remote-Modus ebenfalls in der gewohnten Qualität möglich ist. Betsen Dank. T.Meiermehr
Marcel Barten
Marcel Barten
19:18 14 Mar 20
Ich hatte im letzten Jahr einen tollen Workshop bei Andre.... Vielen Dank!! Ich habe und ich werde noch viele Monate davon profitieren.mehr
Adriano Bezerra-Delaunay
Adriano Bezerra-Delaunay
09:29 11 Mar 20
Sehr tolle und emphatische Trainer! Konnten uns in einer... kritischen Phase unseres Ventures echt helfen. Danke!mehr
Valentin Seehausen
Valentin Seehausen
13:05 09 Mar 20
The self-management workshops were really great support. My... self-organization and time-management skills improved immensely.And the trainer and the workshop design were very cool, too. Fresh, hands-on, up2date and fun. Thanks.mehr
André Drochner
André Drochner
08:39 09 Mar 20
Very seasoned and creative team. Had a great training and... could apply my learnings right away. Keep up the good work.mehr
Dennis Niederrainer
Dennis Niederrainer
10:57 08 Mar 20
Mascha Andexer
Mascha Andexer
10:08 08 Mar 20
We had a very good experience with the team from Startup... Workshops. Great leadership coachings and sales training so far. Looking forward for more this year. Thank you!mehr
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