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Andre Ottlik

Andre doesn’t ask ‘if’ but ‘how’ we can make our dreams come true.

Since 2005 he devotes his time mostly to the vision- and mission finding process, time and self management as well as marketing and business communication.

Michael Geerdts

Michael knows how to transfer valuable information in a playful way, according to his motto: ‘If it’s not fun, what’s the point?’. He is authentic, hands-on, practical, straight forward and appraised for his ability to get to the heart of constructive feedback.

Bild FabianaBernardi

Fabiana Bernardi

Impact, Purpose and New Leadership are topics Fabiana is working on intensively and acquiring a skillset she would like to bring into the world.
Fabiana is also expanding our Startup Workshops and Digital Leader Program Community.

Franziska Blickle

Trainings that are colorful, fun and sustainable: As a trainer for communication, leadership and self-management, Franziska is convinced that learning should not only be fun, but must be fun in order to be effective. She builds on more than 7 years of experience in operational HR management and employee development.

Anica Alla

Anica works as a HR coach for both national and international startups. She spreads her knowledge and experience as a coach, manager and trainer and by giving workshops for (young) business founders as well as HR juniors.

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Andre Ottlik


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