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Andre Ottlik

Andre doesn’t ask ‘if’ but ‘how’ we can make our dreams come true.

Since 2005 he devotes his time mostly to the vision- and mission finding process, time and self management as well as marketing and business communication.

Michael Geerdts

Michael knows how to transfer valuable information in a playful way, according to his motto: ‘If it’s not fun, what’s the point?’. He is authentic, hands-on, practical, straight forward and appraised for his ability to get to the heart of constructive feedback.

Domenico Dobrovolskis

Domenico has worked as a HR Manager in various startups and gained valuable experience in the digital world of work. His focus was particularly on employee development and team building. Through his background as a professional musician he knows that one can (despite low resources) move mountains with a clear vision, good teamwork and passion. That also applies to the business world.

Franziska Blickle

Trainings that are colorful, fun and sustainable: As a trainer for communication, leadership and self-management, Franziska is convinced that learning should not only be fun, but must be fun in order to be effective. She builds on more than 7 years of experience in operational HR management and employee development.

Anica Alla

Anica works as a HR coach for both national and international startups. She spreads her knowledge and experience as a coach, manager and trainer and by giving workshops for (young) business founders as well as HR juniors.

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Andre Ottlik


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