Anica Alla

Anica has worked in the human resources sector for five years now and helps young businesses on their journey to construct solid structures from the beginning. In the process, she creates and establishes a sustainable basis that is indispensable for the functioning of a well-established company in the short-term as well as in the long-term.

  • A company culture that enables the business to motivate employees to move towards success.
  • Based on that, a recruiting process that has every important part taken care of, from job ads that reflect your company culture to induction processes.

Additionally, she specializes in the areas of staff development, manager development, organizational development & Employer Branding.

With the words of Goethe: „ Whatever you can do or dream you can; begin it.“

Anica works with a healthy portion of pragmatism, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset and lots of authenticity.

„ I find the most pleasure in sharing my experiences and dos and don’ts that I gained over the last five years in the startup world; and to see businesses grow fast and develop steadily before my eyes. I believe that success comes with authenticity. And this is what defines my work and what I successfully establish in the companies I work with.“

Anicas Qualifikationen

Anica works as a freelance HR coach, reaching from short term projects to longer-term mandates. As a trainer she gives workshops for (young) business founders as well as HR juniors on the basics of HR development in startups.

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