Corporate Workshops (also remote)

Corporate Workshops with Startup Flavour

It’s no wonder that large companies are seeking proximity to startups with accelerators, incubator programs and partnerships with coworking spaces. Generation Y and Millenials are also needed in large corporations and want to be appropriately challenged.


We bring our experience from the new working world of startups to your company – for more creativity, innovation, productivity and harmony in your young teams. With our workshops you get insights and know-how about:


  • New, digital communication, collaboration and project tools and methods.
  • Lean management in a friendly culture: Everyone is on first name terms, there are flat hierarchies and the untrained, inexperienced, studied intern can quickly move into a management position.
  • Speed before stability: Everything has to happen quickly, be available immediately and cost little. Flexibility is at the top of the list – in an emergency, you do it yourself.
  • Autonomy and own projects: Coaching leadership motivates future managers – Generation Y and the Millenials can no longer be kept in line with high salaries and Christmas bonuses.
  • Workspaces and equipment: The work environments look like the living room at home and the coffee is better than at the bakery around the corner.
The trainer delivered the content competently and in a very pleasant and cheerful manner. I am thrilled how much more I was able to take away than I expected. Thank you!

What makes us unique?

  • Interactive workshops with impact in a short time: max. two days
  • with trainers who have their finger on the pulse of the times
  • with corporate and startup background
  • in German or English
  • in-house or off-site

What are the contents?

Depending on what you need.
We analyze your needs with you and adapt our content accordingly. Possible contents could be:



All workshops are strongly practice-oriented. A short theoretical introduction to the respective topic is followed by individual and group exercises. In this way, you are guaranteed to be able to apply what you have learned directly to your business.

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Andre Ottlik


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