Andre Ottlik

Since 2005 Andre devotes his time mostly to the vision- and mission finding process, time and self management as well as marketing and business communication. Since 2011 he’s studying team building and leadership.

In the meanwhile he trains coaches and trainers for the startup world.

To guarantee highest standards of his work he continues to upgrade his education in the fields of coaching, teaching methods and creativity techniques.

Andre doesn't ask 'if' but 'how' we can make our dreams come true.

He was trained as a master practitioner by Chris Mulzer in NLP and also aquired the skills of hypnosis, brainmachines and charisma techniques. His teacher in the field of High-Performance coaching was Christian Pessing. Chris and Christian became Andres mentors for a couple of years.


Before his freelance career, he worked with IBM and studied Business Computing. Besides the strategic consultancy he worked in sales, marketing and business networking in Berlin-Brandenburg. He has thereby gained sales expertise ranging from business partner distribution to door to door selling.


In 2011 he began to work as a lecturer at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht in Berlin for social and methodological competence.
At the TU Berlin, FU Berlin, Beuth Hochschule and FH Potsdam he is involved in the Entrepreneurship program. For the Startup program B!gründet he works as an expert and consultant for students that want to start their own business venture.


Since 2011 he started his work in group dynamics and sexual psychology.


Since 2012 he leads coaching adventure trips to exotic countries.


In 2016 he started everycademy. An online platform to organize and connect internal company academies.


Since 2018 Andre works at as the lead coach of their accelerator program.


In 2021 Andre startet his new venture DIGITAL LEADER PROGRAM. An online program for sustainable leadership development in innovative companies.


He supports selected startups as business angel.


Andre works solution and conversion oriented, is open for new experiences, loves to work with people and gets delicately to the heart of every issue.

Andres qualifications

  • Founder and CEO of STARTUP WORKSHOPS
  • Founder of DIGITAL LEADER PROGRAM (only in German so far)
  • International startup trainer, coach, consultant since 2009 (KfW- and B!gründet coach)
  • Lead coach at accelerator program
  • Business Angel
  • Lecturer (i.a. for founders) at the FH Potsdam, HTW, HWR, FU Berlin and TU Berlin
  • Entrepreneur by heart
  • Certified IT business engineer
  • NLP communication trainer
  • High-Performance coach
  • Certified in hypnosis and brainmachines
  • Certified in charisma- and presentation techniques
  • Leader in extreme situations (Adventure travel guide)
  • flexible, feisty, at eye level and with a finger on the pulse of time


Just write us or call – we will call you back!

Andre Ottlik


[email protected]