Leadership Communication (also remote)

What is the workshop about?

Maybe some of this may sound familiar to you: Without clear assignments, work gets done twice, while important work still needs to be done. Your clients need ages to decide how their project should look like, just to change it completely again after you pleased their wishes. Meetings consume too much of your daily work – because you loose focus and fight over topics.

With our Workshops focusing on communication skills, we enable you to get work done easy and fast. The right communication makes your employees happy and fosters a productive as well as focused work atmosphere. Not to mention the time and money you will save.

Andre was able to convey the content in a funny and pleasant way. It is very exciting to see that I was able to take away much more than I imagined. Thank you Andre!
  • You motivate your employees as well as yourself
  • You will be able to make precise agreements with clients, colleagues and partners
  • You establish a trustful and open collaboration environment which leads to more consent
  • You and your whole team are more productive

Who is the target group?

  • Founders
  • Managers
  • Freelancer

This workshops will help your junior leaders in the beginning of your venture as well as during the expansion phase.

What is the content of the workshop?

It depends on what you need. We develop a personal content that fits your situation. The workshop can contain the following topics:


  • Communication for managers: How can I communicate effectively with my colleagues?
  • Results are better than goals: How can goals be communicated in a more accurate and motivating way?
  • Sense-Awareness: How can I sharpen my own senses and behavior, to create a positive interaction with my team?
  • Five-Finger-Pointer-Question model: How can I ask the right questions?
  • Make the most of meetings (PEGASUS Method): How can I make meetings short and efficient?
  • Flexibility methods: How can I be more flexible myself? How can my team be more flexible?
  • Change of mind: How can I be aware of my own state of mind and take control over it?
  • Feedback method: How can I give and receive constructive feedback?


All workshops are hands-on. After a short theoretical introduction, we will start with practical work in groups or individually. This way, we make sure you can immediately put all your gained knowledge into practice.


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Andre Ottlik


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