Leadership Program (also remote)

The Leadership Program in short

  • In-house education for managers with startup mentality
  • in German and English
  • for 1 to 6 months and
    teams of max. 10 participants

  • half-day workshops in regular intervals
  • if needed with individual coaching sessions
  • as live online workshops or in person

  • we live digital, agile and new work is our everyday life,
  • we have academic and corporate backgrounds,
  • we wear sneakers and love our work

What is the Leadership Program and why should you participate?

Many executives end up in leadership roles in fast-growing companies without having considered the skills and attributes that a leader should have. At the same time, the challenges young managers are facing are constantly changing. They are often still heavily involved in operations and do not have the soft skills or methods they need to get their team to perform at its best. Many think they don’t have time to lead or are simply afraid of doing something wrong and don’t know how to proceed. In addition, emails, apps and gadgets have found their way into our daily lives and many of us lose focus more easily as a result.

The Servant Leader, who is able to lead either authoritatively or cooperatively and coachingly depending on the situation, is in our opinion, the answer to future challenges. Our Leadership Program provides your managers with all the knowledge and methods that a modern leader needs for the actual work challenges. We combine the new work tools of the startups with the established processes of your organization. In addition, we contribute to a mindset that supports the sustainability strategy of your company.

Over a period of up to 6 months, your managers and leaders will begin to reflect more and welcome the continuous change. Your teams will practice the meaningful use of digital media. They will live your corporate vision and values. They will lead self-directed teams with visible results in a healthy and experimental culture.

Within a year at our Leadership Program…

  • you will become a reflecting leader with strong self-management
  • you will become more flexible and inspired
  • you will build more productive and harmonious teams
  • you will receive a proven toolset with methods and guidelines for management
  • you will maintain new guidelines for your cooperation
  • you will be able to apply a higher degree of creativity in your solutions and decision-making
  • your presentations and communication will be more precise and inspiring

What is the content?

Digital & Servant Leadership Skills

Servant Leadership Basics

Manager / Leader
What are the differences?

Leader requirements
What skills and characteristics are needed?

Where do I stand as a leader? Where am I going?

Outcomes instead of goals
How can I set motivating goals?

Profiling with NLP meta programs
What kind of guy am I? What kind of guys are my colleagues?

Leadership Communication

Conscious communication for managers
How can I communicate harmoniously and effectively with my colleagues?

Five-Finger-Pointer question technique
How do I ask the right, useful questions?

Feedback methods
How do I give my counterpart adequate feedback and how do I accept it?

Meeting procedures PEGASUS
How can I shorten meeting times while making meetings more productive?

Value work

Organizational values and significance
What values does my company represent and what do they mean for my team?

Value work according to Stefan Merath
What are my own values and how do I lead by them?

(Limited) beliefs around leadership
What kind of beliefs limit me and which ones strengthen me?

Coaching techniques and team building

Coaching 101

Employee appraisals
How do I conduct inspiring appraisal interviews?

Questioning techniques
How do I improve my question style to lead my colleagues to their own answers?

High Performance Coaching
How can I help my colleagues achieve even better performance?

Agile Team building

Job interviews
What do I have to pay attention to in order to find the right team mates when selecting applicants?

At eye level
How do I strike a balance between discipline and friendship?

Agile, digital, remote, intercultural
What does it mean to lead a modern team and what kind of skills should I acquire?

Team and collaboration tools

Slack, Jira and co.
Which tools make sense for which occasion?

Offline and online communication tools
How do we use the right channels depending on urgency and importance?

Why does my department need its own tools and how do I provide interfaces?

Presentation and sales techniques

Presentation Skills

Presentation objectives
What do I want to achieve and what does my target group need?

Contents and structure
How do I build up my presentation exciting and inspiring?

How can I use my voice, facial expressions and gestures more consciously and appear more charismatic?

Video recordings
Let us record you and learn even more about your effect

Visions and Storytelling

How can I “sell” our vision and mission to my colleagues more inspiring?

How can I use metaphors and stories to present better and appear more convincing?

Tips and tricks
Which simple methods make my presentations more interactive and interesting?

Basics of Sales

How does selling work and what does it bring me as an executive?

Treatment of objections
How can I treat objections preventively and how do I deal with pretexts?

Elevator pitches & smalltalk
How do I introduce myself in an interesting way and how do I improve my networking?

How do I get to my contact person quickly and reach my goals on the phone?

Self-management, emotional state and mindfulness


Tidy up
What keeps me from productive work and how do I clean up?

Time and self-management tools
How can I organize myself and my team more productively?

What is my balance and how do I get to it?

Which techniques are the best ways to motivate myself and my team?

Emotional state techniques

Rapport & Sensory acuity
How can I sharpen my own senses and behaviour in order to make the interpersonal working relationship with my counterpart as productive as possible?

Flexibility techniques
How can I increase my flexibility for my own personal development and for my team?

State changes
How can I reflect and control my own emotional state more consciously?

Relaxation techniques

Nutrition, sleep, sports and sex
What should I pay attention to in my daily life in order to be generally relaxed?

Emails, apps und availibility
How do I maintain a healthy handling of digital media in the age of constant accessibility.

Autogenic training, meditation and mindfulness
What active relaxation techniques are available for everyday life and how do I use them appropriately?

Design Thinking and Creativity Techniques

Creativity techniques

My own creativity
How do I get more creative?

Creative teams
How do I create more creative results in a team?

What limitations are holding me and my team back in our creative processes?

New Work environments

Trust working time and work-life balance
How do I deal with my own and my team’s working hours?

Remote Work
What do I have to pay particular attention to with remote teams?

New Work Environments
What do new working environments look like and how do they affect our energy?

How do we work together?

You will be accompanied by us during the integration of our program into your daily business and your organizational development. We support you with the actual/target needs analysis (also with online surveys), the communication and the organization of your Leadership Program. Together we will find the right workshop components for your leaders and work with you in half days. We use your existing digital tools or find the appropriate technical support for your individual, sustainable progress.

The basis of our approach is to bring your leaders into an ongoing process of reflection and to support them in their personal development.
We work together and interactively on examples from your everyday life in our workshops. Depending on requirements, there are seminar and training sessions (with role-plays and many exercises). We also support you in the formation of peer groups, give you book and web recommendations and support you with individual coaching.
Depending on the situation, we work in your premises or outside. In the age of Corona, we hold our workshops using online whiteboards like MURAL and use breakout rooms from zoom for productive workshops!

A selection of our reference customers

Why Startup Workshops?

  • Startup Workshops has developed and continuously optimized all concepts based on the needs of its customers.
  • Our trainers and coaches live “New Work”. Agile and digital are not buzzwords for us, but everyday life for years.
  • We work independently and stay up to date with different customers.
  • We are young, love our work and have some stories to tell. We work with academics, small and large start-ups and modern corporates.
  • We are used to combining techies with business people and working in intercultural and intergenerational teams.
  • We enjoy putting together leaders and teams that work together in harmony and want to get more out of their potential.
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for fast-growing companies with
innovative (intercultural, remote) teams

for fast-growing companies with
innovative (intercultural, remote) teams




strategic and operative support
for companies and public organizations

strategic and operative support
for companies and public organizations

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Online education for tomorrow's
leaders (2022 only in German)

Online education for tomorrow's
leaders (2022 only in German)

What have previous workshop participants said?

Thoren Meier
Thoren Meier
08:31 29 Apr 20
We have been a customer of start-up workshops for years and... have our colleagues trained in various areas such as management, team building, individual coaching, etc. We have been very satisfied since the beginning of our cooperation and thank you for the professional support.We are pleased that collaboration in remote mode is also possible in the usual quality. Thank you. T.Meierread more
Marcel Barten
Marcel Barten
19:18 14 Mar 20
I had a great workshop with Andre last year. Many Thanks!!... I have and will continue to benefit from it for many months to come.read more
Adriano Bezerra-Delaunay
Adriano Bezerra-Delaunay
09:29 11 Mar 20
Very great and emphatic trainers! Could really help us in a... critical phase of our venture. Thank you!read more
Valentin Seehausen
Valentin Seehausen
10:07 09 Mar 20
The self-management workshops were really great support. My... self-organization and time-management skills improved immensely.And the trainer and the workshop design were very cool, too. Fresh, hands-on, up2date and fun. Thanks.read more
André Drochner
André Drochner
08:39 09 Mar 20
Very seasoned and creative team. Had a great training and... could apply my learnings right away. Keep up the good work.read more
Dennis Niederrainer
Dennis Niederrainer
10:57 08 Mar 20
Mascha Andexer
Mascha Andexer
10:08 08 Mar 20
We had a very good experience with the team from Startup... Workshops. Great leadership coachings and sales training so far. Looking forward for more this year. Thank you!read more
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