Fabiana Bernardi

Impact, Purpose and New Leadership are topics Fabiana is deeply engaged with and acquires a skillset she would like to bring to the world.

As early as 2012, she became interested in the topic of employee leadership and development, focusing on key areas such as self and time management, feedbacks and team building.


After holding her first leadership responsibilities, she quickly realized the challenges involved in successfully implementing these topics.
So to complement Fabiana’s practical experience with a theoretical underpinning, she completed a dual training program with the aim of integrating technical aspects into her everyday work.


Gradually, Fabiana’s understanding grew that many aspects of coaching are helpful as a leader. Thus, she decided to specialize in the field and started as a community manager at Startup Workshops in 2022.

The right self-management to be able to empower

With a great hands-on mentality, Fabiana brings in her wealth of experience and continues her education in parallel around the topics of New Work and Agile Leadership.

Fabianas Qualifikationen

  • Certified trainer
  • 6 years of leadership experience with up to 100 employees
  • Experience of hundreds of feedback talks
  • 10 years of sales experience at POS
  • strong motivational skills
  • attentive, interested and focused

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